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So it occurred to me to wonder just what Sebastian did in between throwing a tantrum over having Ciel’s soul snatched out from right under him and showing up at the Trancy manor with boxed!Ciel.

Well, the OVA Ciel in Wonderland answered that for me. He sat by soulless!Ciel’s bedside and read to him, presumably in between tracking down his soul’s whereabouts.


… that is the most heartbreaking thing I have heard all day.


Mun, assuming you've kept up with the manga, keep reading...ok, so you remember how the Queen sent Ciel a letter with "C4H8CL2S" and "NaOCL" written on it? The former is the formula for MUSTARD GAS, aka the "witches curse"! And the latter formula is BLEACH, aka the "cure"! According to the wiki page on mustard gas, "(t)he vesicant property of mustard gas can be neutralised by oxidation or chlorination, using household bleach..." Didn't know if you knew. Toboso Yana is one hell of a mangaka!


(( **I am flagging this as potential Manga spoiler alert**

Oh yes! *grins* Yana is amazing!

C4H8CL2S is indeed the molecular formula for sulfuric mustard gas!  It emits toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid and sulfur oxide. It is highly combustible. It has the potential to contaminate not only the air, but in liquid form it can contaminate water, and food as well. Even agriculture can suffer from it.
The symptoms for exposure to mustard gas are large blisters, swelling, redness, skin lesions if the blisters rupture, eye and skin irritation/burning, eye and nose watering, bloody noses, breathing problems, nausea, vomiting, and even blindness. It usually takes up to 24 hours for all the symptoms from exposure to show. And the gas can penetrate clothing, so it doesn’t matter how covered up the person is.
Guess what they suffered from? >.>

NaOCL is the molecular formula for Sodium Hypochlorite. If added to water it indeed becomes what we know as bleach.
There is no cure for exposure to mustard gas; but the chemical burns and blisters of the skin can be reduced and neutralized with the application of sodium hypochlorite deluded in water (bleach).

The chemical burns caused by mustard gas are extremely painful, to the point that the person suffering from them doesn’t want to be touched by anything, even clothing or bandages.

I adore the amount of research Yana puts into her manga! She is like no other <3  ))

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